/ 13 February 2022

THE BILIRAN Province State University will help address the learning deficiency its students had during the implementation of distance learning.

BiPSU said under its ‘Learning Recovery Convergence’,  the university’s program will aim to assess the learning recovery strategies and interventions by its constituents.

It said it will pool the strategies for the sharing of experience and best practices in the implementation of flexible learning and learning recovery plan of the university.

“With this convergence, we recognize that there are learning losses and gaps that we need to address among our students during the implementation of flexible learning and face-to-face classes,” BiPSU President, Dr. Victor C. Canezo, Jr. said.

Representatives from different schools will also be present to share their programs during the open forum.

“I believe that the schools have implemented their learning recovery plans and programs to address the needs and concerns of students. Through this, we wanted to recognize these best practices from our different schools and also hear from our students about their experiences,” he added.

The program will be one of the highlights of the 3rd BiPSU Day celebration on February 14 at the BiPSU gymnasium.