/ 27 April 2022

THE BILIRAN Province State University denied allegations that it threatened to remove scholarship of some students because of “disobedience.”

The university made the statement after reports surfaced that BiPSU and provincial Governor Rogelio Espina allegedly tried to void the Commission on Higher Education scholarship of students if they disobey an order.

This is in relation to the issue of allegedly using the students in a campaign sortie in the province.

It explained that CHED is the only institution that has jurisdiction over the scholarships.

BiPSU added that the reports are purely “malicious attacks” to malign the university.

“We do not condone any imprudent act that will tarnish the good name of the university nor jeopardize the good image of the university by mere using it as a collateral damage in any black propaganda relating to the upcoming elections,” BiPSU said in a statement.

“We do not intend to be part of any political circus nor be involved in any political activities as we remain to be non-partisan,” it added.

The university also asked its constituents to be vigilant and help fight disinformation to protect the university.