/ 3 November 2020

THE BATANGAS  State University has launched a survey to determine the feasibility of offering a course in medicine to boost the public health system.

The university said it is looking into the possibility of offering a medicine-related course to produce more medical professionals.

It said that the survey will help determine the pulse of the people in the province.

It cited the “Doktor para sa Bayan” bill under which the government will shoulder the tuition, allowances, and fees for an internship, board review, and exam of scholars but with the condition that they will finish the Doctor of Medicine program and serve their province in the equivalent number of years that they were funded.

“We aspire to offer the program Doctor of Medicine as the Senate Bill No. 1520 or “Doktor para sa Bayan” mandates the government to provide medical scholarships at state universities and colleges (SUC) to qualified students who cannot afford to pay for medical school,” the BSU said.

“In return, graduates of the program who succeed in becoming licensed physicians will be required to practice at a government hospital or public health office in their hometown, province, or region,” it added.

The survey can be viewed through…/1FAIpQLSeDUjXHUlA…/viewform…