/ 28 September 2020

THE BATANGAS State University Student Affairs and Services Office of Guidance and Counseling has defended the issuance of the ‘non-suicide contract’, saying it can help prevent suicide cases.

The school’s ‘non-suicide contract’ was widely circulated on social media, drawing the ire of students from different universities who questioned its validity.

The said contract is included in the university’s Office of Guidance and Counseling Manual 2017 Edition.

“The purpose of this non-suicide contract is to assist the clientele to establish a mindset that it is not okay to commit suicide. Moreover, the contract provides the identified user of a constructive avenue to see the reality that he/she is responsible to take care of his/her life with the intention of rebuilding his/her self-esteem as an essential part of coping. This contract provides details of whom the clientele can seek help upon the realization that suicide is not the solution to one’s problem,” the school said on Facebook.

It said that the counselor may use the contract as an option to remind the patient to contact loved ones the moment he or she starts entertaining suicide thoughts.

The school clarified that signing the contract is not mandatory and is “never imposed upon anyone as an admission requirement.”

“We condemn the unauthorized use and dissemination of the document, falsification of its contents, and release of information contained therein, and such are considered violations of the University rules and regulations,” the school said.