/ 8 October 2020

THE ADAMSON  University rejected its students’ call for an academic break saying that learning must continue because it cannot sacrifice the quality of learning.

“The policy making body made a unanimous decision not to grant the said academic break,” the AdU said.

In a letter, Vice President for Academic Affairs Catherine Castañeda said that the suspension of synchronous classes last September 25 to 30 was enough time to serve as the students’ break.

The AdU said it understands the sentiments of the students and professors, however, it stressed that learning must continue.

“While we understand that both students and employees are experiencing significant stress in these trying times, learning needs to be continuous, we cannot sacrifice course content and the quality and quantity of student learning,” Adu said.

The school gave assurances that its guidance and counselling office implemented various activities and initiatives designed to maintain everyone’s mental health and well-being.

The Adamson University Student Government said that while its request was denied, students expect changes in online classes.

“Our academic break request has been denied but our voices were heard and our concerns were raised in the said meeting. Moving forward, we’re hoping to see big adjustments to the conduct of our online classes. Leniency, better feedback and rapport are highly expected from our professors, vice versa to us, the students of Adamson University,” the AUSG said in a Facebook post.