/ 13 April 2021

CITING their situation amid the pandemic, parents of Adamson University students said they are in favor of ending the semester early, a recent survey showed.

A five-day community-wide survey conducted by the Adamson University Student Government showed that 38.9 percent of parents want the current semester to end while 29.2 percent want to suspend both synchronous and asynchronous activities. The survey also said that 18.9 percent of the parents want to suspend only synchronous activities.

The same survey revealed that 83.7 percent of parents are in favor of a “no-fail” policy to reduce the workload of students. About 86.9 percent of the respondents also agree to have a 1-year compliance period for academic requirements.

Most, or 60. 3 percent of the parents, said they were not ready for the reimposition of enhanced community quarantine in the Greater Manila Area and 88 percent of the respondents said they faced difficulty under the ECQ.

They cited concerns such as financial problems, 76.3 percent; mental health, 68.8 percent; access to healthcare facilities, 48.3 percent; and access to food and groceries, 47.9 percent.

A number of parents also disclosed that they tested positive for Covid19 while 9.1 percent said they were infected within the months of March and April of this year.

Also, 5.7 percent said they tested positive within the past six months while 5 percent contracted the virus in the past year.

Considering the data the AdU Student Government collected, it once again sent an appeal to its administration to push for the end of the semester.

It also listed proposals for the administration to consider, such as automatically having a “Passed” mark on minor subjects with one final examination requirement for all major subjects; conduct online panel defense on theses/dissertations; suspend online classes; immediate conclusion of the semester; and for students who will be taking board exams to receive recorded lectures and modules.

“Once again, as student leaders and stakeholders of Adamson University, we will speak and stand up for them. We think that it is best to perceive that quality education is beyond students’ capacity to comply with course-based demands and prioritize the safety and general well-being of our fellow Adamsonians, as one student left behind is still a student left behind,” the group said.