/ 3 March 2023

TWO alumni of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines passed the Philippine Academy for Microbiologist Examination for Registered Microbiologists.

Sharish Anne Tarnate and Ma. Melanie Dalaine Carnaje hurdled the examination last month. There were 55 other passers from other universities and colleges.

“This is indeed wonderful news to the PUP community. Our microbiology track is still new, but we are already seeing the fruits of excellence of our graduates. Congratulations to the College of Science, especially to our Biology Department. More importantly, my sincerest congratulations to our registered microbiologists, Sharish and Melanie, you make our university proud,” PUP President Dr. Manuel Muhi said.

Tarnate and Carnaje are the first registered microbiologists among PUP graduates.

Since the introduction of the microbiology specialization track in 2018, the Core Faculty of the program at the University has proactively expanded its network of supporters and collaborators, including working closely with the Microbiology Consortium of the Philippines organized by the Philippine Academy of Microbiologists, while actively participating in various training programs, seminars, research conferences for students, and mentorship initiatives.

“Microbiology is a unique field of studies. Studying microbiology opens the door in studying the minute group of organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye but are equally important to the higher forms of life,” Dr. Lourdes V. Alvarez, a core faculty for the Microbiology Track, said.