Smart Omega continues to impress following a 2-0 sweep against Impunity KH and surges ahead into the upper bracket of the M2 World Championships at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore, Monday evening.

/ 19 January 2021

Smart Omega is unbreakable in their game against Impunity KH after sweeping the entire Group B with a 2-0 standing. 

In Game One, Hadjizy’ Yi Sun-Shin showed dominance after sealing the match with a maniac where he tallied with a clean 7-0-3 kill-death-assist record.

KurTzy’s Wanwan, who tops in farming, outputs a 2-0-8 KDA tally while YellyHaze’s Selena added a 3-1-6 kill-death-assist stat line.

While Heath militated in the enemy’s jungle where he produced a kill, a death, and 5 assists. 

The MPL-Philippines veteran playmaker consistently intimidated the enemy’s marksman Bruno (Oppi) and tank Tigreal (BOOM) throughout the match. 

Oppi ended the game with just a kill, 2 deaths, and 2 assists.

The crushing victory of Omega had ended Game One in just 10 minutes and 55 seconds and also limited the opposing side to just three kills.

In Game Two, the team played more aggressively after dominating the game with 21 kills to 4 following Kenji’s Uranus and KurTzy’s Lapu Lapu knocking down each player. 

Kenji’s Uranus continuously cut the enemy’s lane which ended with 3 kills, a death, and 6 assists.

KurTzy was declared the MVP of the match after clinching a 7-0-2 stat line.

On the other side, Oppi garnered only 3 kills and 7 deaths while Rookie fell short with a 0-3-2 tally.

Smart Omega will head on the upper bracket facing the winner of Group D coming January 22.